Dear players!

Donate through the payment system is again available to players.

Regards, RF-RedStar Administration

Congratulations on the New Year 2018!

Dear players!

I wish you a Happy New Year,
That there was happiness at the gate,
For the magic to reign,
What a fairy tale for children is given!

So that the Dog guarded you correctly
And a whole year he...


Dear players!

The server was successfully started!
24/12/2017 17:00 UTC +0000
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We remind you that you can make donations through your personal account on the site
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SERVER OPEN DATE: 24-12-2017

Dear players!

The server will be open 24.12.2017 17:00 UTC +0000, will be made wipe characters (not accounts)
Registration on the server is available:
Download the...

Start the server OBT

Dear players!

Starting 16.12.2017, we announce the launch of the open beta testing of the server.
OBT will last 1 week, after which there will be wipe gaming characters (but not accounts) and opening...

Date of CBT

Since December 2, 2017, announced the CBT (Closed Beta Testing) of the game server RF-RedStar.

The site of the game server is launched RF-RedStar

The official website of the game server RF-RedStar was successfully launched.

Website address:

Getting Started on the Server

Getting Started on the Server RF-RedStar.