The rules apply to all participants in our project.

1. The Administration reserves the right to make any changes on the server without prior notice to the players.

2. The administration is not responsible for the temporary or permanent inability to play on the server by a specific person or group of persons.

3. The Administration may at any time, without giving reasons, stop granting access to the server to a particular user or subnet as a whole.

4. The administration is not obligated and does not deal with the return of things, accounts, characters or their parameters, lost by the players for any possible reason.

5. Responsibility is borne by the owner of the account, regardless of who acted under this account.

6. The administration has the right to refuse to provide premium services to any user of the project without explaining the reasons.

7. The administration reserves the right not to respond to recurring questions from users, if answers to them have already been given.

8. Any appeal to the Administration should contain a clear statement of the player's problem or a question regarding the operation of this server. The server administration reserves the right not to answer questions.

9. Disrespect to Server Administration is not allowed.

10. Threats, requests to give something, to the Administration of the server are prohibited.

11. It is forbidden to interfere with the work of the Administration or GM.

12. It is prohibited to wrangle with the Administration, GM and challenge their actions.

13. It is forbidden to mislead other players, appearing as the Administration.

14. It is prohibited to publish interviews with the Administration or their contents without prior approval.

15. It is forbidden to spread rumors, slander about the server, players, Administration.

16. It is forbidden to use programs that emulate the presence of a player in the game or that interfere with the normal functioning of the server software. By such means programs that change the client or replace it, and change or facilitate the gameplay is not gaming methods.

17. Unauthorized access to someone else's game account is prohibited.

18. Threats in any manifestation towards the players are prohibited.

19. Any financial activity (buying and selling) of players associated with real money and virtual money units equated to real money is prohibited. The sale and purchase of accounts is prohibited in any form: for any virtual and real values.

20. It is forbidden to discuss and mention the sale and / or purchase for real money, as well as the equivalent "electronic payment means" (WebMoney, YandexMoney, etc.), game items (dalants, weapons, armor, resources and etc.).

21. It is forbidden explicitly or implicitly to advertise other online games, explicitly or implicitly advertise other game resources.

22. It is forbidden to use any server errors (bug).

23. If you find a new bug, report this to the Server Administration in the LAN on the forum.

24. It is forbidden to buy / sell "votes".

25. The "overflow" of the OS is forbidden.

26. It is strictly forbidden to use obscene language and insult players both in the game and on the forum.

27. Use of the Administration nicknames is strictly prohibited.

28. It is forbidden to impersonate the Administration.

29. It is strictly forbidden to use obscene expressions and their semantic analogues in the chat.

30. Flood in the sections of the forum, which do not imply off-topic communication, are punished.

31. It is prohibited to duplicate / create themes of the same type in the various sections of the forum.

32. It is forbidden to recreate the topic if it was deleted by GM, Administrator.

33. It is prohibited to disclose personal information of a user without his consent. This also includes public information found on the Internet.

34. Kill games (PCs) on the server is allowed.

35. Trade is carried out directly by the players themselves and any mistakes made by the participants in the trade relations remain on their conscience, except when using game bugs.

36. The administration does not participate in the game disassembly of players, except in cases of violation of the rules.

37. Does not produce a return of things.

38. Administration has the right to change server elements (balance, skills, items, etc.), as well as these rules without prior notification

39. GameMaster (further - GM), can answer questions of players.

40. The GM has the right to be in any location both in the invoice and without it.

41. The GM may put a player suspected of violating the rules on autocock until the circumstances become clear.

42. The GM has the right to monitor all aspects of the game process (PvP, PC), both in the invoice and without it.

43. The GM has the right to respond to players' questions in the system chat (visible to all races) and schedules, and also write to the system chat and calculate any messages that do not violate server rules.

44. Responsibility is always borne by the owner of the account, regardless of who acted under this account.

45. The following types of punishment are provided: account blocking or deletion